Faculty Meeting

They gave out medals to

the brave souls who bled

for the school during the

latest lunchroom riot. One

yells, “They sure do deserve

it!” Another thinks, It could

have been worse; it could

have been me. They watch

a video, “activating the schema”

and “internalizing these strategies”

escaping like bad breath across

the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Mr. C

bloodies papers with a red pen,

Mrs. D taps cigarette ashes

smartly into a coffee cup,

Mrs. F chatters to Mrs. P

about gall bladders and gum-

chewing. Mr. L shines his

medal against his tie. And

somewhere, down in the depths

of the school, near boilers, near

a beaten, worn wooden chair,

stands the school’s janitor, solving

the world’s problems with

a broom and a dustpan.

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LA BioMed’s clinicians and scientists are solving health care challenges today, and preparing to meet those of tomorrow. They are tackling diseases and health issues that affect individuals and communities at home and abroad.


Many of LA BioMed’s investigators are physicians who treat patients at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, while others are full-time PhD level researchers. This combination is the essence of research teams that translate laboratory discoveries into new diagnostics, devices and therapies. Over the years, their discoveries have prevented blindness in newborns; enabled premature infants with fragile lungs to breathe; helped to fight antibiotic-resistant infections; improved standards for pediatric emergency care; enabled testing to identify carriers of inherited diseases; served as the paramedic model for emergency medical care that is the standard today; and identified exercise-based therapies for individuals with chronic lung disease (COPD).