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The University of Phoenix Online faculty consists’ of “facilitators” who have all received their college degree from diploma mills.
Where can you honestly call up a University of Phoenix Online faculty member and inquire about program information, what students learn, and what companies have hired its graduates?
Facilitators, or online college instructors, as they are more appropriately called, are all in the education scam that takes place at the University of Phoenix Online. They allow 95% of online classroom cheating and plagiarism to take place, they don’t help students who really need help, and the University of Phoenix Online cleverly hides all the fraud taking place by deleting all of its online classroom information so the United States Department of Education (DOE) cannot go in and investigate.
If the DOE did investigate all online classroom information dating back to 2001, the DOE would find troubling evidence including 95% of online students who cheat and who plagiarize.  And thank you to the facilitators that allow 95% of cheating and plagiarism to occur. 
Then, we have the facilitator who got their degree from a diploma mill, who cannot help a student only until the online class is over.
Clearly, this is education fraud at its finest!
John Sperling, founder of the University of Phoenix, is offering this poor quality of education at an expensive price, to America’s college students. 
To learn more about the fraudulent University of Phoenix Online, including how you can earn $9.5 million dollars working as an enrollment counselor, please visit blog and web site:

http://myphoenixmistake.webs.comThe interest in distance education evidenced by the increasing number of new and returning college students electing to earn an accredited online master’s degree or accredited online bachelor degree is a direct result of their comfort level with their electronic devices. The technology required to make online college courses available to students at community colleges, state colleges, four-year universities and for profit colleges is much less expensive for a post-secondary academic institution to employ as a vehicle for meeting their students educational needs than are the physical college classrooms. Obviously, a computer server loaded with distance education technology is much less of a burden on the academic budget than the near-constant repair required by a physical structure that must be heated and cooled according to the season.  For the adjunct faculty member providing post-secondary instruction on the physical university or college campus this is indeed good news. The increase in accredited online college degree programs dictates an increase in the numbers of online adjunct jobs that require a technically qualified academic to teach them.These online adjunct job openings with online degree programs are increasing quickly than the individuals with earned graduate degrees, a Ph.D. or master’s degree, can full them because the online faculty positions require the online adjunct instructor to be extremely adroit with a personal computer. An online college professor with a full time online teaching schedule may teach online for three or four online accounting schools, online business schools or online criminal justice schools at one time. Obviously, the online teacher needs the ability to digitally navigate in and out of multiple online college courses each day. Further, since teaching online in online adjunct professor jobs is no less intellectually demanding than teaching on a physical post-secondary campus, the navigation skills on the Internet must be matched with excellent post-secondary instruction.However, the adjunct academic that can combine high level computer skills with the required academic credentials to teach at the community college, university and college level can easily generate enough online adjunct income from the online teaching schedule to surpass what it is possible to earn by teaching in a few traditional university classrooms. It cannot be emphasized too strongly that a traditional adjunct faculty member is limited to teaching at the few physical campuses within driving distance of the geographic location of the adjunct instructor. The online adjunct instructor can teach for practically college or university or for-profit college without once having to consider the distance it is from the location of the online instructor. After all, all of the academic and administrative tasks associated with online teaching are located on the Internet, not miles down a concrete freeway that must be traveled in a personal vehicle burning expensive fuel. Without a doubt, online adjunct faculty jobs offer an adjunct faculty member a much greater level of control over the numbers of classes in the teaching schedule and, therefore, the amount of income that can be acquired by scaling up or down the numbers of online adjunct college teaching jobs.The best search method for locating online adjunct faculty positions is to literally visit the websites of the community colleges, for-profit colleges, technical schools, state colleges and four-year universities, locate the link on the front page of the school’s site that will take allow access to the faculty application section and submit the appropriate academic credentials. Of course, competition for these online teaching positions will make it more difficult to discover how to find online math adjunct jobs or information technology online adjunct jobs, but by making a concerted effort and developing a rotational online faculty position application schedule, which means re-applying every two weeks for adjunct teaching jobs online with a post-secondary academic institution if an invitation to attend the mandatory training session every prospective online adjunct instructor must participate in successfully in order to be placed in online college classes, will be well worth the effort and time when compared to continuing to provide post-secondary instruction in the physical college or university classroom.The process of earning a graduate degree, a
master’s degree or Ph.D., is a grueling intellectual process and often cost a
lot of money. It is often the case that upon graduation many future academics
attempt to earn a living by teaching at traditional colleges, universities and
community colleges. While the intentions of the individual are noble, the sad
reality is that seventy percent of them will end up as adjunct faculty members
barely earning enough money from teaching in a physical college or university
classroom to rise above the poverty level. Worse, the effort to earn more money
as a college teacher requires access to more than one post-secondary campus.
Presuming the person lives in a densely populated urban area, there might be as
many as three or four community colleges or state universities within driving
distance of each other. This means that the adjunct college teacher might be
able to acquire two or three extra college or university classes, but it will
be necessary to spend most of the extra income from those classes on physical
transportation between the schools. Ultimately, the sheer expense of going to
work for adjunct college instructor will keep the teacher well below what would
be considered a decent living. On the other hand, there are more new and
returning college students enrolled in post-secondary academic institutions of
all kinds than at any time since the middle of the last century. Therefore,
this confluence of circumstances creates a new career path for a person who
wishes to continue teaching at the post-secondary level and desires a realistic wage
for the intellectual effort. Distance education technology makes it possible
for college teachers to move from the low-paying physical university classroom
and into a well-paid online teaching schedule filled with online college
courses.Accredited online bachelor degree programs and
accredited online master degree programs are the mainstay of for-profit
colleges that offer the bachelor degree online and the master degree online.
These academic institutions have done fantastically well by offering their
students online college courses leading to an online accounting degree, an
online nursing degree or an online psychology degree. The traditional, physical
academic institutions are not blind to the successes achieved by the for-profit
colleges. Even now, these schools are making haste to develop and distribute
accredited online college degree programs for their students. For the college
adjunct teacher wishing to earn a real living the online faculty position is
the vehicle that will take them to a new level of prosperity by way of
generating multiple online adjunct income streams. Further, the online teaching
schedule can be coordinated by using an inexpensive personal computer. The
benefits of not having to arrive in a physical college class

Faculty Meeting

They gave out medals to

the brave souls who bled

for the school during the

latest lunchroom riot. One

yells, “They sure do deserve

it!” Another thinks, It could

have been worse; it could

have been me. They watch

a video, “activating the schema”

and “internalizing these strategies”

escaping like bad breath across

the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Mr. C

bloodies papers with a red pen,

Mrs. D taps cigarette ashes

smartly into a coffee cup,

Mrs. F chatters to Mrs. P

about gall bladders and gum-

chewing. Mr. L shines his

medal against his tie. And

somewhere, down in the depths

of the school, near boilers, near

a beaten, worn wooden chair,

stands the school’s janitor, solving

the world’s problems with

a broom and a dustpan.

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Many of LA BioMed’s investigators are physicians who treat patients at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, while others are full-time PhD level researchers. This combination is the essence of research teams that translate laboratory discoveries into new diagnostics, devices and therapies. Over the years, their discoveries have prevented blindness in newborns; enabled premature infants with fragile lungs to breathe; helped to fight antibiotic-resistant infections; improved standards for pediatric emergency care; enabled testing to identify carriers of inherited diseases; served as the paramedic model for emergency medical care that is the standard today; and identified exercise-based therapies for individuals with chronic lung disease (COPD).